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I graduated from Massage Works Clinic and School of Massage in Mountain View, AR on October 14, 2009. Since that time I have completed over 225 hours of continued education in such areas as Lomi Lomi Massage, Reflexology of the hands and feet, Thai Stretching,  Zen Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Deep tissue Massage, and British Sports Therapy.

I served on the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy from 2013-2015. In this way I tried to help further the industry of massage therapy and give it a consistently more positive perception in the general public.

 Since joining the National Guard in 2001, I have served in Iraq for a year and Afghanistan for a year. I am currently a member of 936th SC,1-142nd FA located in Bentonville, AR.

I love being a Massage Therapist because of its relaxing and therapuetic effects on my clients, on me as a therapist, and because it allows me, even on a small scale, to benefit the lives of those whom I contact.

I am happily married to Amy Benefiel, and we have three children, Alexandra, Gregg, and Cassandra.



Amy graduated from Massage Works Clinic and School of Massage in early 2014 and has practiced there ever since. She offers Swedish, relaxation, Integrative Massage as well as a few spa type services.

In her time in the National Guard, Amy served for a year in Iraq making her a proud Army veteran.

Our goal is to provide an environment of relaxation and peace to promote a positive and beneficial experience to both client and therapist. We believe this can be accomplished through communication and trust between client and therapist.

Bringing relaxation and lowering the stress in her clients lives is what Amy says is her favorite part of this profession.